Zelda Williams Breaks Silence on Her Directorial Debut: You Won’t Believe What She Said About ‘Lisa Frankenstein’ Premiere!

Zelda Williams

Zelda Williams Reflects on Making Her Directorial Debut in Exclusive Interview with PEOPLE

At the Los Angeles premiere of “Lisa Frankenstein,” Zelda Williams, 34, shared her experience of stepping into the director’s chair for the first time. Speaking with PEOPLE, she admitted feeling “really daunting” directing a script penned by renowned writer and film producer Diablo Cody.

“It was quite intimidating, especially considering the tone of the film,” Zelda confides. “Starting with a campy comedy can be a challenge, but we had an amazing time throughout the process.”

Zelda also revealed that fate played a role in her directorial debut, as unforeseen circumstances led her to take on “Lisa Frankenstein” as her first feature-length film project.

“The pandemic altered my plans, and some other projects fell through. Surprisingly, this quirky little movie persevered, and I’m incredibly thankful for that,” she shares.

Discussing the film’s potential as a Galentine’s Day activity, Zelda suggests that it’s perfect for both singles and couples, offering plenty of laughs without leaving anyone feeling lonely.

“Regardless of your relationship status, I believe laughter is the best medicine,” Zelda remarks.

“Lisa Frankenstein” stars Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse in a horror-comedy tale written by Diablo Cody. Zelda expressed her excitement for the project back in 2022 on Twitter, describing it as “the most bonkers, wonderful zombie script” she had ever encountered.

Diablo Cody, who penned the screenplay, praised Zelda’s directorial prowess, noting her confidence and deep understanding of the material.

“Zelda’s confidence and innate understanding of the source material were apparent from our very first meeting. It felt like we were collaborating on our tenth film together,” Cody remarks.

“Lisa Frankenstein,” set in 1989, follows a high schooler who revives a Victorian corpse during a storm, leading to comedic chaos. The film also features Liza Soberano, Henry Eikenberry, Joe Chrest, and Carla Gugino.

Zelda Williams, daughter of the late Robin Williams, continues to honor her father’s legacy through her work in the entertainment industry. She recalls being inspired by her father’s career from a young age and has since carved her own path, appearing in various TV shows and now making her mark as a director.

As she embarks on this new chapter of her career, Zelda carries with her the lessons and love instilled by her father, who tragically passed away in 2014. Despite the challenges she’s faced, Zelda remains an advocate for mental health awareness, encouraging others to seek help and support when needed.

“Lisa Frankenstein” hits theaters on February 9, offering audiences a delightful blend of horror and humor.

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