Unlock a Healthy Heart: Insider Tips from Local Trainer to Crush Cardiovascular Risks! Dive into February with Heart-Wise Choices!

Healthy Heart

In the quest for a heart-healthy lifestyle, February takes the spotlight, emphasizing the importance of understanding and caring for our hearts. This month, the American Heart Association (AHA) sheds light on critical factors like high blood pressure.

Garrett Van Auken, a personal trainer at LIFETIME in Brookfield, recognizes the silent threat that high blood pressure poses. Drawing from personal experience with his father’s heart attack, he underscores the unpredictability of this “silent killer.”

Van Auken advocates for a proactive approach, with a focus on exercise and diet to ward off heart disease and other cardiovascular issues. Tailoring his guidance to individuals of all skill levels, he emphasizes that health goals vary, and not everyone aspires to achieve a bulky physique.

According to Van Auken, the benefits of gym activities should extend beyond its walls, impacting our overall well-being. Recognizing that everyone has different aspirations, he aims to support individuals in achieving their unique health goals.

Beyond exercise, Van Auken also addresses dietary concerns. For those seeking a wholesome meal, he recommends protein shakes and avocado toast as two nutritious options. In his view, these choices align with the broader philosophy that everything done in the gym should contribute positively to life outside of it.

So, as February encourages us to pay attention to matters of the heart, Van Auken’s advice provides a friendly nudge towards a heart-healthy lifestyle, reminding us that small, mindful choices can make a big difference.

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