Unbelievable Feat at Pebble Beach! Wyndham Clark Shatters Records with Mind-Blowing 12-Under 60! Will Weather Play Spoiler in $3.6M Showdown?

Wyndham Clark Record

Wyndham Clark made history at the iconic Pebble Beach, showcasing an incredible performance that led to a course record of 12-under 60. The U.S. Open champion’s extraordinary round included five putts from 25 feet or longer and a bogey made with a left-handed chip.

Clark’s stellar play put him one shot ahead of Ludvig Aberg, setting the stage for a potential win at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am and a prize of $3.6 million. However, the unpredictable weather, marked by rain and gusty winds up to 60 mph, adds a layer of uncertainty to the tournament’s conclusion.

As rain fell during the final holes, officials, led by PGA Tour chief referee Gary Young, will decide early Sunday whether the last round can proceed and if any adjustments to the schedule are needed. If conditions prove challenging, the event may be shortened to 54 holes, reminiscent of Dustin Johnson’s 2009 victory at Pebble Beach under similar circumstances.

Clark, aware of the impending weather, approached Saturday’s round with a fearless mentality, focusing on making the most of the day. His mind was set on attacking each hole, leading to an impressive display of skill and a remarkable 190 feet of putts, including eagles on the second and sixth holes.

Even with a potential 59 in sight, Clark faced a challenging moment on the 12th hole, where he managed to save a bogey after a difficult tee shot. Undeterred, he rebounded with two consecutive birdies and continued his exceptional play.

Clark’s 60 surpassed the tournament record and set a new course record, elevating him above the competition. His fortunes continued, with lucky breaks, like a free drop in the rough on the 16th, contributing to his outstanding round.

As Clark awaits news on the tournament’s continuation, his remarkable performance has left a lasting impression on Pebble Beach. Whether the event concludes as a 72-hole contest or is shortened due to weather, Wyndham Clark’s record-setting round remains a highlight of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

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