Exclusive: Honshu the Escape Artist Monkey’s Wild Peanuts Binge! Jaw-Dropping Details of His 5-Day Highland Adventure and Daring Capture!


Honshu, the daring Japanese macaque who made headlines for his five-day escapade in the Highlands after breaking out of Highland Wildlife Park, is settling back into park life, according to keepers. The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) shared that Honshu appears to be in good health and hasn’t lost any weight during his wild adventure.

The mischievous monkey was on the loose for five days, and during his time in the wild, he indulged in “quite a lot of peanuts,” as reported by the RZSS. The escape prompted a search operation when Honshu found a way out of his enclosure at the wildlife park near Kingussie.

Fortunately, a vigilant member of the public spotted the adventurous primate enjoying a snack at a bird feeder in a local garden, leading to his capture on Thursday. After being safely returned to the park, Honshu underwent a thorough checkup by a vet and is now undergoing a gradual reintroduction to his monkey companions.

David Field, the chief executive of RZSS, expressed gratitude to the local community for their patience and cooperation during the past week. He also commended the park staff for their professionalism, patience, and diligence in handling the situation.

Honshu’s return to the park was facilitated by keepers using a tranquillizer dart after he was found in a garden about a mile-and-a-half from the park. It is reported that he may have been enticed by a Yorkshire pudding left on a bird table overnight in the area.

Despite attempts to capture him earlier in the week using a drone, the successful retrieval occurred on Thursday. The Japanese macaque, fondly nicknamed “Kingussie Kong” by locals, had been tracked up to four miles from the park during the search.

The RZSS assured that Honshu, also known as the snow monkey, will be gradually reintegrated with other sub-adult males within the group. The community’s support and the dedicated efforts of the park staff played a crucial role in ensuring the safe return of the adventurous escapee

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