Breaking: Mavericks Pull Off Blockbuster Trade for PJ Washington – Hornets Stunned!

The NBA trade winds are blowing strong, and the Dallas Mavericks are right in the center of the action. In a move that’s sure to shake up their roster, the Mavericks have secured the talented forward PJ Washington from the Charlotte Hornets. But what’s the cost? Let’s dive into the details.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Dallas is sending Seth Curry, Grant Williams, and a first-round pick to Charlotte in exchange for Washington. It’s a significant move for both teams, with the Mavericks aiming to add more shooting to their frontcourt while the Hornets continue their rebuild.

This trade comes on the heels of Dallas’s recent acquisition of Daniel Gafford, showing their commitment to strengthening their team. Washington has been on their radar for a while, and now, they’ve finally landed their target.

Here’s the breakdown of the trade:

Mavericks receive:

  • PJ Washington
  • Two second-round picks

Hornets receive:

  • Seth Curry
  • Grant Williams
  • First-round pick

As part of the deal, the Hornets will also send two second-round picks to the Mavericks, completing the exchange.

For Washington, this marks the end of his time in Charlotte, where he was drafted 12th overall in 2019. Despite mostly coming off the bench this season, he’s been putting up solid numbers, averaging 13.6 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 2.2 assists per game. And while his three-point shooting has dipped slightly, recent performances show he’s finding his rhythm.

On the Mavericks’ side, both Curry and Williams were recent additions, but this trade sends them back to their hometown of Charlotte. It’s a twist of fate as Washington returns to Dallas, his city of origin.

In terms of contracts, Washington signed a three-year deal worth approximately $46.5 million in the 2023 offseason. With decreasing annual salaries over the contract’s duration, he’s a valuable asset for the Mavericks moving forward, under team control until the 2025-26 season.

As the dust settles on this trade, NBA fans eagerly await to see how Washington’s arrival impacts the Mavericks and the Hornets’ continued rebuilding efforts. Stay tuned for more updates as the trade deadline approaches!

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